If your career hasn't gone the way you wanted, it might be because of your brothers and sisters.

A study from PR Newswire at CareerBuilder found that birth order can have an effect on how much money you make, and how far you advance in your career.

Someone who's an only child is more likely to earn six figures than someone with siblings.  They're also more likely to advance to a position like CEO or CFO.

Among people with siblings, the first-born is the best bet to earn six figures and get to the CEO / CFO Level.

The youngest child is the most likely to make it to middle management and stay there.  Middle children will probably have an entry-level position and earn less than $35,000.

As for what field you end up in:  Only children are more likely to work in technology and health fields.  First-borns are drawn to jobs in government and science.

The middle child is most likely to work in public service or as a caretaker.

The baby of the family is probably going to take a job in a more creative field, or in technology.