Good to see everyone's priorities are nice and straight.  According to a new survey from Newstalk ZB , buying a new car gives people more pleasure than a NEW RELATIONSHIP . . . or even having a new BABY.

Seriously.  92% of people surveyed said they get a lot of pleasure out of a new car . . . only 48% said they get a lot of pleasure from a new relationship, and 48% said they get a lot of pleasure from having a new baby.

The main reason?  Relationships and babies are incredible . . . but they also take work.  A new car doesn't take any work . . . you just put in some gas and drive.

The survey also found that people say a new car gives them more pleasure than a new house, new technology, a major home improvement, or a new pet.

Again, it's probably because those things take more time and effort than a new car.  Either that, or people have become extraordinarily twisted without us realizing it.