Do you have a password on your Internet connection at home?  I'm guessing a few of you are saying "yes" . . . more of you are saying "um, maybe?" . . . and plenty of you are saying "thank goodness my neighbors don't use a password on theirs."

According to a new nationwide survey, 32% of Americans . . . or ONE out of THREE . . . admit they're stealing their neighbor's Wi-Fi Internet connection.

In other words . . . if you don't have a password on your wireless Internet router, there's a pretty decent chance someone in the area is leeching off you.

In 2008, only 18% of people said they were hopping on a neighbor's Wi-Fi connection.  Then again, a lot more people have high-speed Internet today than back in '08.

There are two big reasons you should password-protect your connection so that other people can't steal from you.  One, you're PAYING for that connection . . . probably a lot of money.

But two, if your Internet connection isn't secure, someone else could jump on it and easily hack your Facebook password . . . or use your connection to download illegal things .

Via (USA Today)