When you bought your last car, who made the finally descion...the man of the house or the women of the house?

In a new survey from Globalnews.ca, 99% of men say that a woman should NOT be in charge of making the final decision on a car for the family.  And normally that would be a good jumping off point for talking about how sexism is still alive and well in 2011.

Only it's not.  Because women AGREE.

In the survey, 96% of women also said that someone of their own gender shouldn't be the one who decides on a new car.

51% of men and 40% of women said the man should make the decision singlehandedly.  48% of men and 56% of women said it should be a shared decision.  1% of men and 4% of women said the woman should make the choice.

And now, for the other side.  The survey ALSO asked the same question when it comes to making child care decisions for the family.  And the answers were basically reversed.

53% of women and 40% of men said that women should make the decisions singlehandedly.

46% of women and 50% of men said it should be a shared decision.

And less than 1% of women and 10% of men said that men should handle it.