Christmas is coming at us, and it is coming quick! I haven’t even thought about my Halloween costume yet but I have thought about Christmas presents, and in searching for gifts I realized something. Online shopping may ruin your surprise Christmas Gifts! I went online to Amazon to look for a new car stereo for my wife and almost immediately the ads on the side of the screen started showing car stereos…even when I wasn’t on Amazon. So not only does it list what you recently viewed at the bottom of the page – it also lists it on a ton of the other websites you visit. So – if you share a computer at home and you’re doing your secret Christmas shopping online, there is a pretty good chance the other person may soon know what you are getting them. It could also be a great way to drop hints about what you want for Christmas.

This could literally ruin Christmas! A lot of the fun of the holiday is the surprise of the gifts. I know it isn’t the reason for the season, but it is a huge part of Christmas morning – especially with kids. You may have to play it safe from now on and either do your shopping at work or do all your shopping locally (which would be awesome of you to do anyways).

Do you think it is bad that these ads pop up? Do you find it creepy that Amazon now knows you better than the majority of your Facebook friends?