Add this to the list of the many, many, ways you leave women unsatisfied.

According to a new survey by, 26% of women, or one out of four, say they HATE the way their boyfriend proposed.

 The main complaints were that the proposal wasn't romantic, original, or personal.  The next most common complaint was about the spectacle . . . women who wanted an over-the-top proposal got a small, intimate one, and vice versa.

 75% of the men surveyed said they planned their entire proposal themselves without any help. 

And 76% of men say it's absolutely necessary to get down on one knee to propose . . . while only 49% of women said the whole "one knee" thing is crucial.

Men do much better when it comes to the engagement ring than the engagement itself.  96% of women, or 24 out of 25, say they loved the engagement ring.

 30% of men say they bought a ring without getting a second opinion.

 After the proposal, 84% of people say they called their parents first.

 75% of women and 66% of men post the news on Facebook. 

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Via (Daily Mail)