There's another new survey from Yahoo! that tells us how our kids are in lacking in education, but this one pins the blame for their ignorance on US . . . the adults.

According to a British survey, nearly one in three kids between ages six and 12 . . . 30% . . . had never heard of William Shakespeare, and didn't recognize the names of plays like "Hamlet" or "Romeo and Juliet".

But hey, they're between six and 12 years old. The problem is, they also surveyed ADULTS . . . and it looks like a lot of us aren't going to be much help in teaching kids about literature.

More than one in four adults . . . 27% . . . admit that they've never read a Shakespeare play . . . and one in eight didn't know that he was a British playwright.

One in 20 people recognized Shakespeare's name . . . but thought that his most famous play was "Cinderella".  And 2% of people didn't know that he was an actual human being . . . they thought he was a fictional character.