Well, I didn't see this coming, but here you go.  Apparently, old school cell phones are making a comeback and people are ditching their smartphones in favor of "dumb" phones.

Nw why would you want a phone with a tiny monochromatic screen that doesn't have a keyboard or apps or the Internet?  There are three main reasons...

1.  The battery can last for days . . . sometimes even a whole week . . . without having to charge.

2.  They can take a beating.  You see people walking around all the time with iPhones that have cracked screens.  Old phones were much less likely to suffer major damage from a drop.

3.  It helps you break that feeling of being TOO connected.  Some people are finding it freeing not to have every email, Facebook and Twitter right there all the time.

Even if you don't want to go back to an old phone, there's some good news for you here . . . if you still have your old phone, you might be able to get good money for it on eBay.

Daily Mail