As Thanksgiving nears, everyone starts saying what they are thankful for. The big thing now is the day 1 – through day "X" on Facebook. I can remember being in my 5th grade class having to stand up daily and say something I was thankful for. It was a good exercise for us all, my teacher Mrs. Hazen wouldn’t let use a similar or the same thing again. It really made you think and made you realize how many things you really were thankful for. I find reading my friends post interesting, some are heartfelt, some are superficial, and some are just doing it because their friends are.

I’m thankful for many things in my life. I have great friends, a wonderful family that will love me through anything, and this adventurous journey I get to navigate every day we call life. I however am horrible at showing gratitude towards the things I am thankful for. I complain about a tiff I had with my sister far longer than it really matters, I don’t tell my friends how much they help me through life, I sometimes forget that life is a journey not a destination. I forget to appreciate the valleys that get me to me to my peaks. I play the when "X" happens then life will be so much better.

I don’t think I’m the only one that does this. I think we all fall trap to it. Take today to really  appreciate and show gratitude to everyone and everything around you