Danny Thomas had a dream and you can be part of it. His dream was that, "No child should die in the dawn of life". It's a powerful dream, and makes you realize that not every child has a full, healthy childhood.

We are all effected by cancer. It gives me peace of mind to know that St Jude is working towards a cure! The cure rate for the most common form of childhood cancer has risen from 4% to 94% since St Jude has opened its doors. Become a Partner in Hope so we can reach 100% and put St Jude out of business.

Because St Jude is a working research facility, one child saved at St Jude means countless children saved worldwide.

St Jude touches all of our hearts because childhood cancer is real and can truly happen to ANYONE. I give to St Jude in honor of my healthy children and in memory of my Aunt JD, who lost her battle to cancer in her 40's.

If you can find a way to become a Partner in Hope by donating $20 a month, $.67 a day please call 1-800-343-4077 or donate online.