TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-A new traffic signal will go up on Fillmore Street and North College this year. Twin Falls City council approved a measure that will allow the use of about $300,000 of Street Impact Fee Funds to install the signal. City Engineer Jackie Fields told the council that the traffic load at the intersection warrants the need for a signal light. Currently the only traffic control is a stop sign on Fillmore.

There are future plans for the city to continue Cheney Drive from Washington Street. and connect it with North College. At that intersection there would be a new light constructed. However, those plans are several years away. The city plans a public meeting in June to talk about the issue.

Fore now Fields says a light at the intersection of Fillmore and North College should help the traffic flow. Council Member Suzanne Hawkins says she uses that route often to go to and from work. Hawkins says a light there would help her immensely. All council members voted for the installation.