Bungie's Destiny is still a long way from hitting consoles, but at least we can enjoy some new screenshots of the upcoming FPS while we wait.

Only a few of the latest screens offer a glimpse at Destiny from the first-person perspective, but that's okay by us. The rest of the images all show a great amount of detail of the world and characters we'll be interacting with along the way.

While you do have the standard interior corridors we've all come to know and expect of any FPS, it's the outdoor areas that really capture our attention. From the moon's surface, staring back at the Earth, to the dense, foggy forest full of Vex soldiers, each locale is varied enough that traversing Destiny's worlds should never feel repetitive.

There's also a host of different classes and armors on display, along with weaponry. While the details on those particulars will probably be fleshed out at a later time, it's nice to see Bungie isn't just giving us a few options for character customization. No two playable characters in any of the images look exactly alike, and that's promising for a game where multiplayer is going to be key. You'll actually be able to stand out, and won't just have a generic look with a color palette swap.

Check out the images (courtesy of the PlayStation Tumblr) below for a better look at what we're talking about. Destiny will be out Sep. 9 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.