This seems incredibly risky to me . . . like, if you get caught, it's ALL OVER. . . but if you're desperate enough or sketchy enough, it might appeal to you.

It's a website called and they'll provide you with a FAKE REFERENCE for a job or apartment search.  You get an 800 number to a fake company, the HR rep or landlord can call, and they'll give you a glowing reference.

Their packages start at $85 and go up from there.  For more money you can get a unique 800 number, pick the name of their fake company, and make sure a live receptionist answers the call.  Via (

Would you ever use a service like this?
Here's what you said on the Morning Show today

Would you use a service like this to get a job?  Here are the poll results:

Percent M F Answer
11.50% 21.20% 8.20%  YES - Desperate times call for desperate measures. If I thought I was qualified for the job... I'd do it.
88.50% 78.80% 91.80%  NO - It might be tempting but I couldn't do it.