If you haven't been the same since a bunch of  nerds decided to ruin your childhood by deciding PLUTO wasn't a planet anymore . . . we might have your fix right here.

Scientists believe that a NASA telescope has picked up a NEW ninth planet.  A bigger planet.  A better planet.

The planet is named Tyche (--pronounced TY-KEE).  And it's huge.  It could be up to four times bigger than Jupiter, which is currently the largest planet.

Tyche is more than 15,000 times farther from the Sun than the Earth is.  That's making some astrophysicists think that Tyche actually used to revolve around a different star, but the Sun was so powerful it pulled Tyche in.

After more data is collected, the International Astronomical Union will decide whether Tyche should be considered the ninth planet . . . or if it needs its own special classification.

They'll also get the final say on the name.