Last night I had to reset my iPhone wifi connection at home and when I refreshed the list of available networks, I noticed something.  Some of my neighbors have gotten really creative when choosing a name for their network.

I noticed that we have a "Bilbo Baggins" and "get off my lan"

Apparently, I've stumbled about a little niche of potential fun that I've been overlooking   When I brought this up in the office pit, everyone perked up to share the wifi names from their neithborhood and some of their own.  Here's just a few of what I've heard and seen.

  • My neighbors suck
  • H1N1
  • I see you naked
  • FBI Van #1
  • Get your own wifi
  • download virus

Did you come up with a clever network name or did you go with the standard 'linksys' that comes out of the box?