It's Friday, so why not talk about the ways we will waste time at work today. According to Payscale here are the top 10 most popular ways we waste time at work .

1.  Socializing.  14% of people say this is their number one time waster.
2.  Social networking.  77% of people with Facebook check it at work.
3.  Web surfing.  45% of people say this is their biggest time waster.
4.  Job hunting.  46% of people currently searching for a job are doing it during work hours.
5.  Meetings.  11% of people say meetings are their biggest time waster.
6.  Taking care of personal business.  10% of people plan events at work, 2.3% make personal phone calls, and 3.1% run errands during work hours.
7.  Unexpected problems.  37% of people say their biggest time waste is fixing other people's mistakes . . . 11% of people say computer problems waste the most time.
8.  Communication.  The average person wastes 74 minutes a day trying to contact people and waiting for responses.
9.  Distractions.  36% of people say annoying coworkers waste their time . . . 22% say they're always stuck doing unproductive busy work.
10.  Daydreaming.  4% of people say this is their top distraction.