It feels like this has become a recurring discussion around Twin Falls.  Should Halloween be moved to a different day?  I've heard reasons ranging from convenience and kids being up too late on a school night to those citing religious reasons of not wanting Halloween to fall on a Sunday.

It appears as though we aren't the only place talking about this.  A state Representative from Connecticut is pushing to move their celebration to the last Saturday of the month regardless of what day it falls on.

Me?  I'm not buying into it.  Halloween is on the 31st... It always has been.  Sure, you let your kids stay out a little bit later.  To my knowledge nobody I grew up with DIDN'T go on to be a rocket scientist just because they were out till 10pm on a school night, one day out of the year.

I understand those of you that don't appreciate it when Halloween falls on a Sunday but nobody is forcing you to celebrate no matter where it lands.  If you choose not to participate in Halloween festivities if it falls on a Sunday, that's cool.  It's your choice.

If we move Halloween, what's next?  Perhaps we should move Christmas so we always have a three day weekend?

We asked you what you thought about moving Halloween.  Our facebook and phones went CRAZY.

One caller even told Jackie:

You're getting my panties all twisted for bringing it up.

Here's that call and others taking sides on the issue:

Where do you stand?  Should we move the day for the sake of convenience or leave well enough alone?