My name is Brad... and I procrastinate.  I put off doing the things I hate doing the most.  You would only need two seconds inside my office and you would immediately know that I hate to file.  The stacks of paper that I keep moving around in an attempt to redistribute the mess, prove it.

Here's a trick from a psychologist to help you actually DO the stuff on your to-do list.  THEY say you should make a "WHY-DO" list instead.  List everything you have to do, and also write one or two reasons WHY you should do those things.  They say the motivation will help you actually get things done.

I'm not sure I buy into it.  If "paying taxes" is on my todo list, I'm not sure listing the reasons why the government wants MORE of my money will help me pay any faster.  Just give me the deadline and I'll get it done... eventually.