UPDATE: The 'lock down' has concluded as of 10:54 a.m. according to Ada County DispatchMERIDIAN, Idaho

(KTVB) -- Heritage Middle School in Meridian is in "lock down" mode after authorities received a report of an armed suspect who entered the school around 9 a.m. Thursday.

The school is located at 4990 North Meridian Road.

Ada County Dispatchers say no injuries have been reported at the school. However, they won't specify what type of weapon the suspect was reportedly carrying.

Meridian police say they're currently conducting a room-by-room search of the school.


District spokesman Eric Exline said a student and a staff member saw a male teen walking down a school hallway with something suspicious -- but it's not suspected to be a firearm.

Exline says police and school officials are also reviewing surveillance video and attempting to identify the teen.

Officials don't know if the teen is a student at Heritage, or any other surrounding schools.


Nearby Rocky Mountain High School, Paramount Elementary, Prospect Elementary, Sawtooth Middle School are in "shelter in place" mode, which means students aren't allowed to leave those schools for the time being.

Exline says those schools are taking the measure as a precaution.

KTVB Photojournalist Troy Colson says it appears police and deputies from Meridian, Star, and Ada County are standing guard over the entrance to Heritage Middle School.


Officials with Meridian police say concerned parents can go to the LDS Church at 3775 E Ustick Rd where they can wait to pick up their children.

Roads in the immediate vicinity of Heritage Middle School are closed.