Oh how I remember going on the dreaded "first date". While it was a little exciting to get to know someone knew it was always awkward spending a few hours with a complete stranger. I would think that no one, in their right mind, would want to make a first date even more awkward but apparently some people do.

In a new survey by the social dating website Zoosk.com reported from PR Newswire, only 4% of people, or one in 25, say that singing on a first date is a good idea. That includes going to a karaoke bar or just busting out some Jodeci in the car at the end of the night.

Here are some more results from the survey about what does and doesn't make for a good first date . . .

67% of people say the WORST conversation topic is to talk about an ex.  Personal medical issues came in as the second worst topic . . . politics came in third . . . and religion was fourth.

81% of people say that the guy should pay on a first date.  1% say the woman should pay.  The rest say it depends on the situation.

35% of women say it's cool to split the check, versus only 18% of men.

The average man says he's figured out if he really likes his date within 15 minutes.  The average woman waits until the end of the date to make up her mind.

7% of men would make up an excuse to leave a bad date early, versus 15% of women.