Have Kittens at home? Would you rather them chew on something other than your feet? How about a Kitten Fort made of Awesome?

My family recently became four cats larger. We all love our kittens, but I would much rather them bite each other than my toes, so we wanted to get them a kitten fort to play in. Made of wood, cardboard, carpet, and apparently gold, these kitten forts are extremely expensive and not worth it in my book.

After watching our kittens play in an old soda box that was about to be taken out to the trash, my wife and I decided to build our own kitten fort. We did it with old soda boxes, packing tape, and four kittens.

I cut holes in the boxes and taped them together so the kittens could go from one to the other and back again. I even cut holes in the top so they could pop out and attack each other. They love their kitten fort, and I love that they aren't attacking my feet.