I like to think our teachers always do their best to accommodate our students in special circumstances. I have heard of many examples were a teacher goes above and beyond for their students.

But yesterday I was talking to a mother who was outraged at how her daughters special circumstances were being handled by a teacher.  The student had been in an accident of some kind that caused major damage to her back. She was very limited in her physical activity which made her lifetime fitness class next to impossible.

Acoording to the mother, the teacher suggested that the student drop the class and have her parents purchase her a  Nintendo Wii to participate in fitness activities at home becasue Wii Sports is low impact.

The mother is outraged for a couple of reasons. The first reason being...her daughter should not be kicked out of class and secondly, it should not have been suggested that the parents buy a Nintendo Wii instead of participate in class.

What do you think?