It's Easter! That means it's time for brightly colored Easter Eggs hid all over the house, which you may or may not ever find (until they start to smell). Instead of using real eggs this year, why not tech up your Easter a bit by creating your own LED Glowing Easter Eggs! The project is really simple, and once completed the glowing eggs look pretty decent. My son Jack, who is three, helped me build six of the little glowy eggs, and had a good time.

Here's the step by step tutorial to make your own LED Easter Eggs!

Parts You'll Need and where to get them:

  • An assortment pack of LEDs. I picked up a 20 pack at Radio Shack in the Magic Valley Mall for less than $3. They came in two sizes and three colors (red, yellow, and green).
  • Batteries. I used model number 2032 from Radio Shack. It's a little over-kill, but the LEDs will stay lit for days. These are the most expensive part of the project. A three-pack cost a little over $11.
  • A pack of plastic Easter Eggs to house the LEDs.I picked up a pack of eight at Shopko for about a buck-fifty.
  • Electrical Tape to hold the whole thing together.
  • (Optional) Cotton Balls to keep the LEDs and Batteries from rattling inside the egg.

Let's get started!


Take two LEDs and one battery and slide them together. The LEDs will only work if the longer prong is touching the positive side of the battery and the shorter prong is touching the negative side. As soon as you touch the LED to the battery, if you have it aligned right, it will immediately start working.


Wrap a little electrical tape around the LED prongs and battery, holding them in place. You just need a little.


Place the battery and LED into the plastic egg. I used a little bit of cotton to pad the electronics so it won't rattle in the egg, but this is optional.


Turn off the lights and admire your new Glowy LED Easter Eggs!

Note: There's no "Off" button for the LEDs, so if you want to turn off the lights just simply pull the LEDs off the batteries.

There you have it! You've created your own Glowy LED Easter Eggs. The project cost about $25 and took almost 45 minutes to complete, and that includes the time I had to chase my two-year-old down and get the tape, LEDs, and eggs back.

Its a fun and geeky way to celebrate Easter this year!