Do you ever wonder when the right time is to retire the mini skirt? I do, so I found a survey conducted by a British company called Diet Chef asked women when they felt they were too old to wear things like bikinis, miniskirts, tube tops, and knee-high boots.  Here is what they found:

--Bikini.  You're too old at age 47.

--Miniskirt.  35.

--Leather pants.  34

--Tube top. 33.

--Stilettos.  51.

--Belly button ring.  35.

--Knee-high boots.  47.

--UGG boots.  45.

--One-piece bathing suit.  61.

--Long hair.  53.

--Ponytail.  51.

I personally was never a fan of leather pants and tub tops but if you have them in your closet and are over the age of 34, you might want to think about throwing them away. Just sayin!