We wonder why we have to sign a mountain of paperwork before we participate in ANY activity that requires even the smallest amount of danger.  There's  kid who was golfing.  It was raining so the country club put up an awning to keep golfers dry.  The 15-year-old t'd off, the ball hit a support pole and flew back in his face.  The boy is looking at several years of complications and might not ever have perfect sight in his eye again.  Now, the boy is suing the golf course for 3-Million Dollars!  Is this a case of neglegnece on the country clubs side or should the boy have been aware of his surroundings before he hit the ball?  (It was a bad shot, after all)

Here are the poll results:

Who is at fault? Is it the country club for not thinking and putting an obstacle in a bad place? Or is the teen responsible for the bad shot?
Percent Answer
5.30%  COUNTRY CLUB - They should be more careful with where they put things that might cause an accident.
94.70%  BOY - It was a bad shot. An accident. The boy cannot blame the country club for his accident.

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