·         Non-profit organizations affect everyone at some point or another in their lives.  (ie.  Enriching after school activities for kids, great outdoor spaces, support for animals, help for seniors, great outdoor spaces, arts and cultural events, educational activities and care for the less fortunate.
·         Idaho will come together for 24 hours of giving.  It’s our day to support    organizations that serve Idaho, and it’s your chance to make a real impact.
·         You can simply go online to idahogives.org and donate to the non-profit organization of your choice or join us at the Magic Valley Mall Today.  You can make a difference!
·         A share of every dollar raised by Idaho nonprofits will be matched with funds from the Idaho Gives award pool.  Your donations will make a huge difference and enrich our communities
·         Take the $10 challenge.  Tell 10 people to donate $10 and pass it on via facebook, email, etc.
·         Join us at Magic Valley Mall  to donate to the non-profit organization or your choice.  Jackie will be there from 4pm-6pm.  Watchher get in the money machine to collect as much money as she can to donate.  There will be prizes including gift certificates from the Magic Valley Mall.