Jerome, Idaho ( KMVT-TV / KTWT-TV)  The Jerome City Council increased the wastewater rates by resolution. This, to help pay for improvements to the wastewater treatment facility. Says Gilbert Sanchez, Superintendant of the Wastewater Treatment FacilityJohn Shine, Mayor of Jerome, adds, "this is something we have to do.

We have to make the increases in our wastewater plant, increases in capacity, and ability to process. We're going to have to do it.” A 35.8 million dollar debt will be incurred following the expansion of the facility. Residents will see their rates increase by $19.50.

Sanchez says, “we're looking forward to the upgrades at the facility. We're looking forward to making sure we have the redundancies in place for the EPA and hopefully we'll be able to treat the waste we're getting form our industries, as well as our domestic waste, with confidence.” Looking towards a better, and safer, future.