Jerome officials have been working for some time on ways to make improvements on the wastewater treatment facility.  This week a Jerome citizen advisory group met  to look at making  recommendations for a bond amount and election date for wastewater treatment plant improvements.  The Times News reports the majority of the members of a “Blue Ribbon Committee” voted for a $56.5 million bond  but a final recommendation depends on input from committee members who were absent. The group has set a target date in May for an election.  Officials say that option would be best for the future of the city and economic development and Anything less than that would only maintain the status quo. The cost to city residents could be less depending on any grant funding.  The estimated monthly rate increase could range from $6.24 to $33.90 per equivalent residential unit, depending on which option is selected. Public hearings on the proposal are being planned.  Officials say Increasing capacity at the wastewater plant would allow the city to attract new businesses and industries with the ultimate goal  to create new jobs.