JEROME, Idaho (KTVB)- Last night, Jerome City officials again said sorry to a building owner and the community for a bill that was sent out in what they say was an error. In may a downtown apartment and business was destroyed by fire. It was owned by Sylvia Moore who received a bill from the City of Jerome for nearly $97,000.

Shortly after the media ran the story city of Jerome officials said the bill was sent in error. At the city council meeting last night city council discussed the issue and asked how this happened and why the council wasn’t brought into the decision process when the bill was being made up.

KTVB-TV reports Councilman Barber also spoke out at the Tuesday night meeting, calling for change and expressing frustration that city administrators discussed the bill via email without consulting council members.

"Somebody can't tell me that in seven days, with the visits we make to city hall that somebody didn't say, 'Oh hey, we put this bill together. Would you like to see the $97,000 bill you're about to sign your name to? Sure would have been nice. Saved a lot of embarrassment," said Barber. "Somebody, whether it's the fire chief, the mayor, or the city administrator should have let us know. You guys know what the chain of command is."

The city administrator Polly Hulsey and Jerome Fire Chief Jack Krill also apologized.  The Jerome fire is thought to be one of the city’s largest in its history. Several other fire departments from across the Magic Valley had to be called in to help.