My dog is abnormally large but, I insist on taking her with me as much as possible. Transporting a dog of this size has it's challenges. I have to help her get in and out of the car, I can't put anything else in the hatch of the car if she's with me and I have to carry 3 gallons of water with me so she doesn't get dehydrated. I need the right kind of car to do all of these things.

At first glance you might not think the Nissan Juke would be big enough to hold my HUGE dog. She actually ended up fitting very comfortable in the Juke. This made me even more sold on the Juke. It gets great gas mileage, has a sun roof, navigation, i-pod docking station, sports mode, dual climate control and my dog fit in it! So, if you have a HUGE dog and still want a sporty car, the Nissan Juke from Rob Green is a great option.