A little before midnight last night I ended a grueling cross-country trek and touched down in Twin Falls. I can honestly say that as the plane taxied toward the terminal, I was ready to get out and hug the tarmac.

My day started in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I was shuttled to Philadelphia International Airport where I departed for Detroit. Less than 40 minutes after arriving in Detroit--and a bit of running across the airport--I boarded a four hour flight to Salt Lake City, and finally boarded my connecting flight to Twin Falls which was, of course, delayed by about 40 minutes.

I was in Atlantic City for a Digital Managing Editor Conference with my counterparts from around the company and our corporate leaders. I've never been to the east coast before, and actually saw the Atlantic Ocean for the first time on this trip. It was an enjoyable stay in Atlantic City, but if I was choosing a gambling/casino destination for a vacation my money would always be on Las Vegas.

Here are the top 10 things I learned on my trip

  1. Air travel bites.
  2. Taking off your shoes and belt at the TSA Checkpoint feels demeaning.
  3. Being stuck in the "B" row on your flight for five hours really bites.
  4. Atlantic City smells... odd.
  5. Having no Wi-Fi at a digital conference is really uncool.
  6. Having to pay $50 for Wi-Fi in your room is even more uncool.
  7. When the CEO of your company offers you a drink, you drink it. Dammit.
  8. Calamari is chewy.
  9. Not only do they have seven billion pidgins and seagulls on the Atlantic City boardwalk, but feral cats as well. New Jersey actually spays and neuters the animals, and feeds them on the beach.
  10. I really love Twin Falls.

I was so happy to be back in Twin Falls last night that I drove all the way up Blue Lakes before heading back out to Buhl. It just felt good to see my home town. I really did enjoy my time in Atlantic City, and meeting my counterparts was great, but I am so happy to be home.