We have all heard someone struggle through a joke, but do men usually struggle more than women? I'm pretty sure there's not a guy on the planet who thinks women are funnier than men. 

And now, there's scientific proof to back that up.  Although, in the interest of peace between the sexes . . . it's not a slam dunk.

A psychology study from UCSD News at the University of California, San Diego had people rate the funniness of different cartoon captions.  Some were written by men, some by women.  The people in the study didn't know the gender of the caption writers.

And the researchers found that 90% of the people in the study rated captions by men as funnier.  but. . . it wasn't by a huge margin.

On a scale of one to five, men's captions averaged out to be just 0.11 points funnier than women's.  In other words, men were just slightly funnier than women.

The study also asked people to rate their own funniness on a scale of one to five . . . and men had much higher hopes for themselves than women.  The average man gave himself a 2.3 . . . the average woman gave herself a 1.5