Who loves road construction? Not this guy. Sure, I appreciate a newly repaved road as much as the next guy, but the road construction between Buhl and Filer added almost 40 minutes to my commute this morning.

Maybe Buhl and Filer could have communicated a bit better? Maybe picked up the phone and called each other? This is how the call would have went down:

Important Buhl Guy: Hey, uh, we want to tear up Highway 30 right outside of town. That cool with you?

Important Filer Guy: Yeah, um... That's not gonna work for us. We want to tear up Highway 30 right outside of town too.

Important Buhl Guy: Seriously? We call dibs on 30. No backsies, double-stamp.

Important Filer Guy: What are you, four years old?

Important Buhl Guy: Sorry, I can't hear you. I'm off to a birthday party with my dog. You're not invited.


See? That wasn't so difficult. It only took a moment and... oh, wait. That didn't resolve anything, did it? Oh well.

If you're traveling on Highway 30 between Buhl and Filer, expect substantial delays.