Today is my 34th birthday. It's not really one of those artificially significant numbers we place value on. I'm not 35, or 40, or even 50 and I'm well past all the birthdays that mean anything when you're young ( hello 21!). Let's Play "This Is Your Life!"

So far I've...

  • Had two kids. Lexi, who's five, and Jack, who's two.
  • Been married twice. But this second one is a keeper.
  • Published thirteen novels ranging from science fiction to horror.
  • Worked in my beloved field of radio for thirteen years.
  • Lost my dad, grandma, and dog to cancer.
  • Never been out of the country.
  • And struggled with Bipolar Disorder most of my adult life.

Looking at my short list I realize that my life has been pretty okay so far. I'm not a world traveler, or adventurer, but I've been pretty happy. So, here's to another year! Happy Birthday to me!