I have a lot of fond memories from my childhood making all sorts of creations with my Legos.Back then it was just me and my bricks. But it was bound to happen, Lego has gone digital.

Legos are great. They are just tiny bits of plastic and rubber, but they hold unlimited potential. They are more than just a toy, they are any toy your imagination can come up with.

Now, they have gone digital.

Utilizing your iPad or Android tablet and some Lego magic, you can build something for real and scan it into your digital device so it will exist in your digital world. You can then play with your creation much in the same way as with Lego: Batman, Lego: Star Wars, or any of the Lego video games.You can then tear down the physical creation you made, and build something else as the original is saved in your Digital Lego world.

Mashable is reporting that once in the Lego Fusion App, you build and play in your virtual worlds that include a game called "Battle Towers," a town-building game called "Town Master," a racing game called "Create and Race" and "Resort Designer." What you build in the real world can be captured and used in your app!

It's actually pretty cool!

Shipping this August and September, there will be multiple Lego Fusion sets available for purchase. This is truly a perfect fusion of analog building and digital world building. I love this idea!