This sounds pretty stupid, but I know you'll do this when nobody is looking. A vet in California says she's come up with a test you can use to figure out whether your dog or cat is left-handed or right-handed.

If you're the least bit curious, here it is.

  1. Fill a toy with treats, then put it in the center of your pet's field of vision and watch which paw they use to touch it first.
  2. Put something sticky on their nose and see which paw they use to remove it.
  3. Put a treat under the sofa just out of their reach, and see which paw they use to try to retrieve it.

Veterinarian Dr. Schwartz says you have to perform those tests 100 times to get a definitive answer, especially with cats who sometimes mess around and use both paws.  But if one paw is dominating your results before 100, that's your pet's dominant paw.

Let me know if your pet is left or right handed in the comments below!