On Friday, I was in Gooding at the McDonalds grand opening.  As I was loading up my gear, a nice man approached me about a prize I had mentioned a few minutes earlier.

While we were talking, he commented on the Coke I was drinking.  He said, "You know, here in these parts, we only drink Pepsi."  I waited for the punch line but got nothing.  So I asked if he was serious and he said that "nobody in Gooding drinks Coke."

Seriously?  He sure seemed serious.  Not that he was angry about it or emotionally invested in it.  He just acted like it was matter-of-fact.  I pressed further and asked why and he just said that's how things were.  He insisted, Gooding only drinks Pepsi.

This isn't the first time I've noticed a soda preference by region.  I have a lot of family in the South and everyone in the South orders a Coke.  Maybe the same goes for Gooding?  If you're from Gooding, throw me a comment -- Does Gooding have a regional preference for Pepsi?