I read a lot of technology articles on the bleeding edge of trends, so I think they may be a little ahead of where the population really is. An article today on Gizmodo claims that the "laptop revival is here," but that "laptops are dying." Is this true?

I use my laptop every day. Right now I'm rocking a HP Pavilion DV6 in black and chrome. Running dual core Intel processors clocked at 2.2 GHz, it's not the fastest laptop on the planet, but 4GB of RAM certainly helps. I currently have Windows 7 installed, but a month ago it was Ubuntu. It runs a little hot and the battery isn't what it used to be (I'm already on my second replacement battery), but I do like it.

When I'm away from the office, I use my laptop to manage every facet of KEZJ.com. I write articles, update the Dynamic Leads, manage the menus, and more. Many of these options are not available from my iPad or iPhone.

Gizmodo's article claims that the mobile revolution is killing the laptop, and I certainly can't argue with that. With the arrival of the iPhone, Android phones, iPads and other touch pads, there's no reason to really fire up the old laptop. And really, are your kids asking for a laptop for Christmas this year, or the latest iPhone or iPad?

I do believe that the laptop is going the way of the dinosaur, and soon its desktop brethren will follow suit because the iPhone is simply a better computer than any laptop or desktop will ever be.