Earlier, we reported about a young boy from Dietrich, who died late Saturday afternoon from self-inflicted strangulation after playing the choking game

According to the Dangerous Behaviors Foundation, the choking game is on the rise and children of all ages are participating in this fatal game as a means to get high without the use of drugs or alcohol.

Youth who might participate range in age from 7-21 and it is especially common in middle school aged children. Survey data indicate boys and girls are equally likely to participate in groups but boys are more likely to attempt it alone. The goal is a desired 'floaty', 'tingling', 'high' sensation. However, not all participants are seeking a 'high' , some participate as a pass time, out of curiosity, or as a result of peer pressure.  Many do not perceive a risk when engaging in this practice.
We asked for your calls this morning and we had a flood of responses.  Some of you claim that the game is being played in the hallways of Twin Falls schools, right under our noses.
Joel Smith, a local member of the Dangerous Behaviors Foundation lost a son to this deadly game and spends time trying to educate others in hopes of putting a stop to this terrible trend.
Joel says that he believes the issue has worsened since last year.
Mr. Smith says you are can find more information on the Dangerous Behaviors Foundation Website or you can call him at 208-751-2337.
Please comment and share what you know.  What are your kids telling you about the game?  Are their friends playing it at school?  And what can we do to help make sure no one else falls victim to this deadly game.