If you park outside, you've probably done your fair share of scraping your windshield in the morning; unless you start your car and let it warm up.

Everybody does it, right?  And if you want to get fancy you can purchase an aftermarket auto-start... some newer models even come standard with a starting feature.

When we were talking about this the other day, we got several calls from you saying that it's not legal in Idaho to leave a car running, unattended.  While I was aware that Ketchum passed an ordinance that gives $100-$300 fines for idling your car for more than 3 minutes, I had no idea we had anything close to that in Twin Falls.

I did some checking and according to a police officer and deputy, there IS a state law against leaving your car running unattended.  Who knew?  If you want to idle your car unattended to clear your windshield, you're breaking the law.

I wonder what the odds are that you'll find an officer that's going to actually enforce it?