Since we first heard about the Meteor that entered the atmosphere over Russia and shattered some 30 miles above ground, I've been doing some thinking.

Why didn't we see it coming?  It seems that while scientists are watching the skies for potential collision threats, they're not necessarily picking up on the little ones.

The meteor that hit Russia was about 48 feet wide and weighed approximately 10 tons.   Whether or not a meteor does significant damage has a lot to do with what it's made of.  If it's made of rock, it will most likely shatter, reducing the chance of major damage.  But if it's made of iron, look out!  A meteor made of iron, a little bigger than the one over Russia could take out a city.

If you want to learn more about why we didn't see the meteor coming and what a meteor that size could do, check out this post I found on Fox News