If I saw this ominous cloud formation hanging above my head, I would most certainly think the end of days had been reached. Luckily, I would be wrong.

I'm fascinated by weather. If you think of our weather in terms of a more galactic scale, our little blue planet has some of the most intense and unpredictable storms in the solar system. True, Jupiter has a massive, red storm that could easily swallow the Earth whole raging across it, but it's been there for at least 150 years.

This cloud formation are called Mammatus Clouds. They form when air sinks, unlike other clouds that form due to rising air. This causes pockets of condensation to form, which is what gives these cloud a sort of bubbly appearanceTrue to their ominous appearance, Mammatus Clouds are often harbingers of a coming storm or other extreme weather system.

It may just be the orange of the setting sun, but they look creepy and cool.

These Mammatus Clouds were caught over Michigan on July 22nd. Check out Jason Asselin's full YouTube video.