I'll get right to it.  I'm in the middle of a DIY project in the "man cave" and I'm not very handy.   Making a long story, short I put a very small, kinda small, fist-sized hole in the wall.  Apparently, you should hang heavy stuff in a stud.  Who knew?

I have a solution... and a problem.  Can you help?

I obviously suck at this but I have Google, YouTube and some drywall.  I'll just cover it up, throw on some Spackle and make it go away with some touch-up paint.

Question:  Should I tell my wife or just make it go away without mention.  I think my question is more directed at you ladies.  If your husband is tearing apart your house, do you wan to know or do you simply want it fixed and you don't need to be privy to the gory details.