SYRINGA, Idaho (AP) — A Native American tribe and a conservation group have filed suit in federal court to halt a massive shipment of oil field equipment that is now traveling through a federally protected river corridor in Idaho.

The Lewiston Tribune reports that the megaload moved past a group of about 50 protesters Thursday night at Syringa, Idaho, and continued its journey toward Canada. Protesters have dogged the load since it started its trip Monday night. The terms of its Idaho permit allow it to travel only at night. Bill Sedivy of Idaho Rivers United served notice of Thursday's lawsuit on the rig's driver.

Idaho Rivers United and the Nez Perce Tribe asked the federal court in Boise to halt the 225-foot-long load now in the Clearwater-Lochsa Wild and Scenic River Corridor and block the movement of other planned megaloads until the Forest Service completes a review of their impact on the Nez Perce homeland and the river corridor.