AMERICAN FALLS, Idaho (AP) — The Idaho State Police made three major drug busts on Interstate 86 near American Falls in southern Idaho over the weekend that led to five arrests, the seizure of over 65 pounds of marijuana and just over $9,000 in cash.

All those arrested face felony charges of trafficking and possession of marijuana. On Friday afternoon, Shirley Scherr and Michael Curt, both 50 and from Bismarck, N.D., were arrested. Officers seized just over 13 pounds of marijuana and nearly $7,300 in cash.

Early Sunday afternoon, 22-year-old Mario Rodriguez of Pocatello was arrested and officers seized nearly 14 pounds of marijuana and $736. On Monday morning, 37-year-old Danny Goddard of Valley Springs, Calif., and 38-year-old Richard Royal of Linden, Calif., were arrested. Officers seized 38.7 pounds of marijuana and just over $1,000 in cash.