The Idaho Department of Labor is reporting an increase in the number of new jobs being created across the state.  The Idaho 2011 Job Vacancy Survey found there were 1.7 jobs open for every 100 that were filled. That compared to a rate of 1.8 percent in the 2010 vacancy survey. But the survey found four of every 10 openings were for new jobs. That is almost double the amount from last year, suggesting employers are beginning to expand their payrolls. Bob Fick, a spokesperson for the Idaho Department of Labor, said the greatest number of openings were in industries such as transportation, warehousing and professional-technical.  Fick said more of the new jobs created this year are carrying benefits and higher wages. The median wage for new job openings this year is up 70 cents to $10 an hour. The  Job Vacancy Survey found that employers aren’t happy with the work ethic of their new hires. One in seven employers reported that their new hires’ social skills, appearance, attitude and dependability are unacceptable.