BOISE -- Idaho's minority Democrats in the House and Senate elected leaders for the 2013 session. The House's 13 Democratic members reaffirmed Rep. John Rusche of Lewiston as minority leader Wednesday.

Rep. Grant Burgoyne of Boise was named assistant minority leader, while Rep. Donna Pence of Gooding will be minority caucus chairwoman. Meanwhile, on the Senate side of the Capitol building, seven Democrats there also picked their leaders for the upcoming session that starts on Jan. 7.

Sen. Michelle Stennett of Ketchum will be minority leader, a post also held by her late husband, Sen. Clint Stennett. Sen. Elliot Werk, from Boise's Bench neighborhood, will be the assistant minority leader, with Sen. Cherie Buckner-Webb of Boise's North End becoming minority caucus chairwoman.