Read the title.  Now, read it again.  Does it make any sense to you?  I've heard this come up in conversation before; not just at my own house but in others.  No sooner is the toilet clean, when the announcement is made that the potty is now off limits.  

While this seems to defy logic of what you're supposed to do when nature calls, this appears to be a rule in many households.

We talked about this on the show today and Jackie says this same rule applies at her place.  My question is:  How long do I have to wait between the toilet being cleaned and using it?  An hour?  Two hours?  Or shall I just go outside and dig a hole?

Today, I learned there are other items that also appear to be on the "hands off list" after they've been cleaned.  Here they are in no particular order.

  • shower
  • oven
  • kitchen counter
  • kitchen floor (after it's been mopped)

You also apparently cannot sit on bed that's just been made.

Am I missing any?