I have never noticed how someone holds their soda or cocktail at a dinner party but apparently it says a lot about you.

According to an old study from Telegraph by a psychologist at King's College in London named Dr. Glenn Wilson.  He visited restaurants to observed 500 different drinkers, and came up with eight different personality types . . . and how to approach them.

Dr. Wilson says, quote, "The simple act of holding a drink displays a lot more about us than we realize . . . or might want to divulge."  Check it out.

1.)  The Flirt:  A woman who holds her glass in a provocative way, with her fingers splayed.  She might hold her drink over her chest, to draw attention to her cleavage, or peer over the rim to check you out she's taking a sip.

2.)  The Gossip:  A woman who holds a wine glass by the bowl, and uses it as a prop to gesticulate and make points.  She tends to cluster in a group with other women, and she's critical.


She also likes to leans in over her drink towards other people, so she can speak more honestly and be more confidential.  She already has a close-knit social group . . . and she's not looking to extend it.

3.)  The Ice Queen: A woman who drinks from a wine glass or a short cocktail, and holds it firmly as a barrier across her body.  She's cold, defensive, doesn't want to be approached, and she'll put you down if you do.

4.)  The Fun-Lover:  Someone who likes to drink beer from the bottle, hold it loosely by their shoulder, and take short swigs so they don't miss out on anything in the conversation.

It means you're friendly, lively, you enjoy being with your friends, you like to laugh, and you drink to be sociable . . . so you're always down to meet new people.

5.) The Wallflower:  You hold your drink protectively and you don't let go . . . like you're afraid somebody will take it.  Your palms are hidden, and the drink's never finished . . .  there's always a mouthful left 'in case of an emergency.'

Obviously it means you're shy and submissive, and you're using the drink as a social crutch.  If there's a straw, you fidget with it, and you to stir the drink between sips.  You copy the pace of the drinking around you.

With Wallflowers you have to take it easy . . . they need to be approached with a few subtle compliments to build their self-confidence.

6.)  The Player:  A guy with a tall glass, cocktail, or a bottle who uses it as a phallic prop, and plays with it suggestively.   He's self-confident, possessive, and can get a little 'handsy' with the women around him . . . and get away with it.

7.)  The Peacock:  The player who's actually more into himself.  He spreads himself over as much space as possible, like pushing the glass away and leaning back in his chair.  He's over-confident, arrogant, and would rather just drink with his friends.

8.)  The Browbeater: A verbally hostile know-it-all who prefers large pint glasses or bottles, grasps them firmly, gesticulates in a threatening in-your-face way, and is always making fun of other people.  If you can't handle it, don't bother.