The end of school is extremely busy not only for your kids but for parents. I can barely read my calendar and my husbands to the point of calling me every morning to ask me where he needs to be that night. We are seriously running around like chickens with our heads cut off. I even showed up to a Birthday party last weekend an ENTIRE DAY early!! It was at that moment, that I realized I need to do something different. Here are some tips to stay organized.

  • Combine your work calender with your family calendar. This way you can see all of your appointments at once to avoid over booking.
  • Make sure you have the school calender bookmarked on your smart phone or home computer. Check the calendar every day for new events.
  • Work ahead. Proper planning will save you time, money and stress.
  • Make lists. Plan your day, shopping trips and budget.
  • Don't volunteer for more than you have time for.
  • Stay up an hour late to plan for the next day. A rough morning can ruin your entire day.
  • Ask for help if you have to. Get a babysitter for an hour so you can focus on getting something done.